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There are many ways you can support the site and build “The End of Money” movement.

1) Raise Consciousness. Ask members of your social circle the BIG question: “Why must we pay to live in the planet we’re born on?” Get people thinking about it and talking about it. Put the question “Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?” into your email sig, with a link to this site. The URL is

2) Join this site, make comments and participate in the forums. The more people participate, the more likely we are to be able to articulate the values that a moneyless world must have, as well as to devise or publicize already existing solutions to the logistical problems people bring up when discussing this issue.

3) “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. The Facebook page will continue, though it won’t be as detailed as the site.

4) Link to this site–unless you are a spammer or XXX’er–and we’ll return the favor. And suggest sites that we should connect with.

5) Donate money, IF you are one of the fortunate ones who has a surplus in this terminally bad economy. To be honest with you, we hate asking for money, especially since the purpose of this site is to aid in the creation of a book and movement calling for the abolition of money. But while we are still in a money economy, we need more of it! Donating according to your means shows some appreciation for the effort it takes to do this.

The other typical ways of raising money for this work are more obnoxious than asking for donations: 1) pasting banner ads all over the site–the “ads” you see are free graphic links to other sites–and 2) making TEOM a subscription membership site. Information and opinions on public affairs should not be the preserve of “members” who pay for access to information that everyone should have. Exclusivity is the enemy of democracy. Information for all is its close friend. But while information wants to be free, information workers have bills to pay. So if you like what you see here and have the means, why not share a little? Willingness to share is a quintessential element of a moneyless world. If 100 people gave us the price of one fancy latte a week, we could live decently, upgrade our equipment, and improve the site despite the growing pay-to-play nature of the Internet. Just today, we put in a trouble ticket to our free web host and got this as part of the response:

“…feel free to check out our premium accounts, where the website speed and response times are a lot better. You are welcome to upgrade your account at [URL]“

6) For those who prefer to get something material for their money we will have End of Money items for sale. The items will be designed after the web site has been fleshed out more.

To those of you who just can’t afford a monetary donation: We Understand!

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