The author of this website wants people to question, think about, and discuss the fundamental values, definitions, myths and memes supporting the world’s current economic systems. Some of the questions this site poses are:

Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?

Why must we earn or deserve the things we need to survive and thrive as biological beings (food, clothing, shelter and healthcare) and as participating members of our society (education, communication, transportation and the tools of our chosen trade or profession)?

Are “all men/women are created equal”? If so, does anyone have the right to say that we have earned or deserved to have our needs met, or have the right to withhold them from us? What justifies their possessing this right or do they have it wrongfully?

What is a need? And what level of goods or services can be said to properly meet a need?

What is the nature of financial cost? It is merely an imposition by some human beings against others or does it represent the true costs of nature: time, energy (of every description) and physical material?

What are the roles money plays in our personal lives and society in general?

What is the nature and function of debt?

What is work?

Does or can money impede the very things it is supposed to foster: work and innovation?

How does money separate us from each other?

Does money harm the environment?

What are the values that would have to be adopted in order for a moneyless society to function?

How would we exchange goods and services without money?

Who would do the menial, dirty or dangerous tasks if there were no money to pay people to do them?

Is rationing necessary? If so, how would it be done without money?

How would people be rewarded for effort or innovation in a moneyless world?

What other attributes do humans have that could serve as currency in a moneyless society (e.g. reputation)?

How have societies outside of the modern Western paradigm of money functioned?

How could we transition to a moneyless world?

These questions and more are being posed on this website because current global economic conditions strongly point to the collapse of the corporate capitalist paradigm and new ideas must be brought forth to replace the crumbling system very quickly. While the socialist model has a more humane value system than the “devil take the hindmost” competitive ethic of capitalism, it also has its failings, not the least of which is a dependence on money.

This website takes to heart words attributed to Albert Einstein: “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

The purpose of this web site is to raise economic consciousness.

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