The End Of Money: What’s this site about?

February 26, 2011
Posted By Kéllia Ramares

by Kellia Ramares

This video illustrates the philosophy underlying this website. I believe the world must demonetize in order to achieve global justice, peace and prosperity while at the same time taking care of Mother Earth and sharing the world with the non-human species that are also members of our biosphere. This site will highlight the bad news of what the commodification of everything does to our human rights, our spirits, and our relationships to each other and to Nature. This site will also apprise you of developments in protests against the current systems as well as ideas people around the world have for alternative economics.

This site supports the people of the Middle East in their struggles for their human rights and prosperity. It also supports the peoples of Greece, Ireland and every other country were ordinary people are being forced into austerity to pay for the rapacious appetites, corruption, cronyism. criminal negligence and incompetence of the global financial elites. It also stands with the union movement in Wisconsin and throughout the United States in the class war that is finally coming to the forefront in this nation.  These struggles are not about demonetization, but rather to hold on to their share of the monetary pie.  These struggles are still relevant because it is the reality of NOW that we have a money-based system.  How to effect a transition to a demonetized world is one of the great questions facing humanity as we confront climate change, food shortages, energy crises, war and a lot of other problems that threaten our survival as a species.

Those struggling against the .1% of the world’s population who would take everything for themselves and leave the rest to destitution need to know that those of us who envision a better way through global demonetization will not ignore the NOW for the future. However, we also ask that those struggling with the way things are now spend some tine thinking about how we can all break the boom and bust cycle that is endemic to a monetized society. “Disaster Capitalists”, to borrow a phrase from Naomi Klein, will always drum up some one crisis after another to keep us busy with one or another “state of emergency” that they will exploit to their advantage. So, as we deal with the present, we have to consider also the future. Creating a more just, peaceful; and prosperous world begins with asking the basic question around which this video and this website are built: “Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?

My demonetization work is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Paul Abrams and all others like him throughout the world whose names we do not know.

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